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Some of the Time (Yearning) by DogmaticKerr
Some of the Time (Yearning)
It's in our nature and is a simple matter of course even in the most broken and branded of us there are its traces and its echoes and I am no exception. Sometimes I resent this - for having so much forced upon me from so young an age and for forever receiving so little when I so often seek only to give, I have these gut-checking moments when I rail against both the nature and nurture of my situation. I know what I am and where I stand all while trying to maintain an open and hopeful stance despite what I know and feel. No matter how unique my situation may be the conflict at the heart of it most certainly is not - this has happened to others before and it will happen again and recognizing such a simple truth gives me some place to stand, some place to stand. Being grounded doesn't mean that I cannot dream, though, and I suppose that that is part of my problem and so there I am, again, full circle.
Oh well, who needs happiness anyway ;D
Dream with me awhile, it'll have to do.

Tagged by Ellie

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 12, 2014, 8:29 AM
Because people don't make love to Angels...
They merely use them to feel more complete.

1. Full name: Charles George Kerr
2. Age: 27
3. Birth Date: January 03, 1987 
4. Birth Place: Waynesboro, Pennsylvania
5. Gender: Male
6. Occupation: Sales Associate @ Circle K
7. Primary School: General Meyer Elementary & Page Middle School
8. High School: Page High School
9. College/University: Not applicable.
10. Eye Colour: Brown
11. Hair Colour: Dark brown with natural red or reddish highlights
12. Currently Living: In Page, Arizona

13. Food: No true favorites - I love lots of things.
14. Drink: I most enjoy coffee and water.
15. Band/Singer: Yoko Kanno or Aoife Ni Fhearraigh
16. Song: Cyberbird/The Best is Yet to Come
17. Movie: The Fifth Element is a guilty pleasure (like Starship Troopers), the first half of Sunshine is gorgeous and existential, I really jive with Wall-E, The Man from Earth is so beautiful and simple, Gravity touches deeper parts of me and Finding Nemo gets me every time.
18. TV Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Firefly
19. Book: Halo by Eric Nylund/The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien
20: Colour: I'm a fan of most colors - how much so depends on its context. I can't abide wearing red but otherwise have no quarrel with it and I wish I had grey eyes though I love brown on other people. White skin is amazing but so is that sort of coffee/mocha, too. There's something to love about any color in the right context. Blue though, blue - the sky and the sea - there's a lot to be said for blue.

Do You Prefer:
21. Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi, I suppose though I am more than flexible when it comes to such drinks. I can't really taste a difference.
22. Anime or Disney: Anime, for the most part.
23. Guys or Girls: Girls <3
24. Lips or Eyes: Both. Also feet and legs, breasts and butts... every inch is really glorious. I've got this particular appreciation for women that don't want to resemble hairless cats - I think the fair & light forearm hair looks damnably alluring on women. I find it so odd that girls should shave everything.
25. Kisses or Hugs: A mix is best, though hugs are far more applicable.
26. Eating or Drinking: Drinking. I do love flavors and liquids.
27. Novels or Comics: Novels, for sure.
28. Summer or Winter: Autumn, actually, but Winter is fine in a pinch.
29. Outdoors or Indoors: I love my room and my privacy, but there's something to be said for a misted morning, overcast snow, burning desert sun and twilight hours, too.
30. Camera or Cellphone: My phone is a handy mix - I've got nothing fancy.
31. PS3 or Xbox 360: PS3 though, really, consoles pale in comparison to computers.
32. TV or Computer: Computer, all the way.

Something Personal:
33. Why did you choose your username: I've used "Dogma" in some form or another since I got an e-mail address or had any online presence (Final Fantasy XI)
34. What is your favourite piece of your own work: I don't think I really have one - I don't tend to regard my work that closely.
35. What is your most popular deviation: Apparently this ~  WondermentSome days, I find myself
         the s e  c   o    n     d      s
 of my heart
         what I could have
              should have
                   would have
                   were I
      and a lot
  l e s s
                        but all I can manage
            . .  .   .    .     .      .
                                                 I'm sorry
                                                   I miss you
                                                     I love you
                                                        i love you
                                                           i love you

36. Look to your left. What is the first thing you see: Left Speaker/Phone
37. Now to your right: Right Speaker/wallet
38. Something you can't live without: Water.

The Last:
39. Person you saw: My dad, we were carrying things for my mother.
40. Person you hugged: Randi, an absolutely gorgeous lady, we went to school together but never associated.
41. Movie you watched: Ancient Aliens is essentially feature-length but I suppose that doesn't count. Hmm. Frozen?
42. Song you listened to: The Rains of Castamere cover by Erutan/Katethegreat/Kate Covington
43. Book you read: Mattimeo
44. Thing you ate or drank: Raspberry iced tea, unsweetened.
45. Time you cried and why: A few nights ago, thinking about human tendencies and how they effect me.
46. Time you laughed and why: I laugh often - the last time I really laughed was a few days ago, hanging out with Randi.
47. Time you went out: That would also be with Randi!

The First:
48. Person you dated: I actually never, ever dated anyone.
49. Person you kissed: If it wasn't Krystal Phillips then it was most definitely my first (and only) girlfriend-and-now-ex, Ashley.
50. Crush you had: Crush? Ahaha, I'm not so much for childish crushes or unrealistic hopes or expectations! I have to say that Randi turned my head, though.
51. Thing you think about when you wake up: Open your eyes, David.
52. Best friend you ever had: Krystal Phillips.
53. School you went to: There was a pre-school, I have no idea what it was called. After that it was Colonel Johnson Elementary School (I think that's what it was).
54. Big holiday you went on: Uh, never have been on one.
55. Award you got: I've never been seriously awarded anything, to my memory/knowledge.

Have You Ever:
56. Broken the law: No - never on purpose and certainly not knowingly.
57. Been arrested: Nope.
58. Had a hangover: Nope again!
59. Been in the hospital: Yes, a few times.
60. Been in a car crash: Never, to my knowledge.
61. Flown in a plane: Yes, only a few times.
62. Been on a boat: Yes, nothing exciting though, just a barge!
63. Travelled overseas: Yes!
64. Had sex: Oh yes - it was a really long time in coming, though. Made it to 23, I do believe.
65. Gotten pregnant: Being a male, I can't say that I have. 
66. Had an abortion: Still being a male, I definitely cannot say that I have.
67. Been to a concert: Nope, never!
68. Pretended to be sick to avoid doing something: No, I am sickeningly honest and I heed my conscience.
69. Skipped school or work: Without good reason or irresponsibly? No, never.
70. Broken a bone: Nope! At least... oh wait, yes I did - my chin. I chipped the hell out of it when I was younger and busted open my chin.

Deviant Time:
71. Who is your closest friend on deviantART: I don't think anyone really qualifies for that in terms of dA - I don't use the site enough or associate strongly enough with people here to warrant such a title. Ironically enough, though, both of my best friends have profiles on dA - Tsurakashi and deviantjm
72. What is your favourite deviation by them: Not applicable!
73. Which deviant's artwork do you like the most: I could not begin to choose.
74. What is his/her greatest work: Not applicable!
75. Any favourite deviantART groups: Nope, not at all!
76. Who was your very first watcher: Is there a way to see that? Because, otherwise, I have absolutely no idea. Well hot damn, look who it is! Tsurakashi
77. What is your favourite deviation by him/her: For raw appeal Ikete - practice by Tsurakashi and for the memories Koomji by Tsurakashi
78. Ever received a Daily Deviation: No, I have not.
79. Have you ever won a contest on deviantART: Nope!
80. Show us the first deviation you submitted to deviantART: What would show as the first in my archives would not actually be the first - my gallery has undergone a purge once before!
81. Show us your most recent submission: Pulse (Soul) by DogmaticKerr

More Personal Stuff:
82. Religion: I do not follow a religion - never have, never will!
83. Social class: Uh, I never really fit into any.
84. Ethinicity: Native American/Caucasian mix.
85. Languages spoken: Just English - really well.
86. A scar you have: I wonder if my chin is scarred - It must be - but my cheek most definitely is from my brother throwing a cat at me. Left cheek, a long crescent scar.
87. Preferred medium: Medium for...? I prefer talking to people one-on-one but that's not always possible. When it comes to engaging another person, I Feel that talking is best whether it is via phone, computer or something else.

Totally random:
88. Where is your dream holiday location: Some somewhat isolated part of Arizona spent with a wonderful woman. I think the only truly necessary part of that equation is the "wonderful woman", though.
89. What are you wearing right now: Clothes, HA! Jeans, plain white t shirt, boxers. 
90. What is the last thing you bought: I just placed an order for a set of 5 panties for a friend whom thoroughly enjoys Victoria's Secret (and they're having a sale).
91. When did you join deviantART: 2007, apparently.
92. Why did you join: I presume it had something to do with having writing to present and to see work of Derrick's.
93. What type of membership do you have: Premium, many years.
94. Are you playing The Game: The Game? I have no idea - probably not, since this reference goes right over my head.
95. Are you a member of any other websites: Yes, many. So many. I'm not sure if I should bother trying to list them.
96. Do you enjoy answering pointless questions like these ones: Sure ^.^

There is beauty in the world
If you seek it out
There is joyous wonder in the world
Let's seek it out…

Metal Gear Solid: G. Sviridov & Tappi Iwase, Rika Muranaka ~Aoife Ni Fhearraigh
The Best is Yet to Come ~Gaelic</u>

Do you remember love
The heartbreak of love?
Nothing now but music of the night
I am forever in love

A lover with a fault
A lover with a fault

Allow it and you will have it
Allow it and love will be

Do you remember the time
When you were satisfied?
Do you remember the time
When you were laughing?

The world is wonderful
if you believe in it
Turn your face towards life
and constant happiness in our midst

What happened to those days?
What happened to those nights?
Do you remember the time
When you were sorrowful?

Do you remember the time
Forever crying tears?
Was it me or you at fault?

Feeling used and lost
Why the fighting and
crying of tears?

There is beauty in the world
If you seek it out
There is joyous wonder in the world
Let's seek it out
  • Mood: Adoration
  • Listening to: Angels
  • Reading: Minds
  • Watching: Dreams
  • Playing: Complexities
  • Eating: Thought
  • Drinking: Wisdom


Charles Kerr
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States

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